Ruk Digest 9/25

Hello Fellow Rukkers!

1.  Make 'Creative Destruction' A Part Of Your Life

Find something you do, a process that you have become so comfortable with that you don't even question it anymore, and just blow it up.

"The easiest thing to become is comfortable and complacent."

The more you protect the processes/habits that you are comfortable with versus destroying those things throughout time, the more rigid you become, and the harder it becomes to do anything creative. 

Watch the first minute of the talk by Jason Fried, Co-Founder and CEO of Basecamp. Also watch the last 4 minutes of the talk. Everything in between can be skipped. 

2.  Know Yourself Cards

This is a deck of 60 cards that presents questions and ideas that make you think and help guide you in self-exploration. 

Take this card for example: "Make a map of your failures, indicating the rough date they occurred. Write beside each one what you learnt."

3.  Interrogative Self-Talk: A More Effective Way To Boost Your Confidence

Instead of saying things like "You can do this" or "You got this" ask yourself a question.  

Click the link to watch a short 2 minute video by Daniel Pink to get more detail. 

Btw, I highly recommend subscribing to Daniel Pink's Pinkcast. 

DMV Upcoming Event

Bulgarian Folk Fiesta @ Tropicalia Lounge

Come enjoy a taste of Bulgarian music. 

Saturday, October 1st @ 6pm. 

Song of the Week

Going Back In Time: 80's Muzik

This song appeared in one of my favorite childhood movies: Bloodsport
A Jean Claude Van Damme Classic. 

Stan Bush - On my own alone

Recipe of the Week

 Pics of the Week
1. An Afghan woman walking through ruble in Mazar-i-sharif, Afghanistan
2. Beautiful colors on a building on 14th and U Street in DC
3. Montreal Convention Center
4. Mitre Peak in New Zealand, the highest sea cliff in the world

Thought of the Week

"When you do something noble and beautiful and nobody noticed, do not be sad. 

For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps.”

- John Lennon

Quote curated by Ruslana Milikhiker 

If you're interested in helping curate for The Ruk shoot me an email. 


Thank you for reading!
Be Happy and Keep Learning!
Igor B.M.