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The War On Smog - A Dutch Man Has Found A Clever Way To Clean The Air In China

 Daan Roosegaarde has created a tower that sucks in polluted air, cleans it by positive ionization, and releases it back into the air. 

Here is the kicker though, since the collected residue is more than 40% Carbon, the residue can be converted into diamonds and then sold as jewelry!!!

So how about that, Smog Diamonds.

The "Chore Gap" Between Girls And Boys

Overall, girls between the ages of 5 and 14 spend 40% more time doing unpaid household chores than boys of the same age.

"The disparity between boys and girls performing household chores begins at an early age and increases over time. Girls ages 5 to 9 are already spending 30 percent more time than boys on chores. By the time girls reach 10 to 14 years of age, they spend 50 percent more time."

"Girls sacrifice important opportunities to learn, grow, and just enjoy their childhood."

Check Out This Kickstarter Campaign For A Collapsible Bicycle Helmet

The helmet can shrink to 1/3 it's original size. 

Talk about convenient!

Deal of the Week

  Get 25% Off Papa John's Pizza When You Order Online

 Offer valid on regular priced orders only.

Song of the Week

Jump Jump Jump!!

Eagles Of Death Metal - Miss Alissa

Rock / Fun / White Stripes Feel / Get Up And Jump Around / Pump You Up

Recipe of the Week

Sriracha Mezcal Cocktail

Click the link to see the recipe 
 Pics of the Week
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A fantastic room with a private terrace in the Generator Hostel in Paris that goes for 108 Euros for two people. Pricey, but still cheaper than hotel life. 
The lounge area in the Barcelona Generator Hostel. Rooms can be as cheap as 12.5 Euros. Seriously, check out Generator Hostel. Amazing design. Comfort living. Still affordable.
Incredibly-designed perfume store in Paris, France.
Bamboo Gateway in Zhuhai National Park, China.

Thought of the Week

A father wrote what kind of parent he aspires to be for his children:

"I want to drop my expectations of them, and be more accepting of who they already are.

I want to be less controlling, and let them be.

I want to be less strict, and just be with them.

I want my actions around them to be less driven by fears, and to let them make more mistakes and have more freedom.

I want to be less focused on their future selves, and more grateful for their present selves.

I want to be the example for them: to be happy, inspired, mindful, peaceful, loving, accepting, grateful."

- Leo Babauta from Zen Habits


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