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Hello Fellow Rukkers!

In The Future Doctors May Prescribe Virtual Reality For Pain Management

 "Several independent studies show that virtual reality can help the brain stop focusing on physical pain. 

One early VR game called SnowWorld helped burn victims reduce the amount of time they spent thinking about pain from 76% to 22%—even when the pain was severe."

Google Created A Digital Whiteboard Called The Jamboard

It's a 55 inch 4k touchscreen that allows you to brainstorm and collaborate on ideas. 

But wait. 

It costs $6,000 dollars!

Click This For 10 Scenic Train Ride Ideas

My favorite is the one pictured above, The Bernina Express that travels through Switzerland and Italy.

Make sure to hit "Begin Slideshow" once you get to the site. 

Deal of the Week

Couldn't help it - got two deals for this week.
Get $10 off when you spend $100 or more at Home Depot.
Buy One Get One Free At Smashburger.

Song of the Week

Sit Back And Relax

 Chill / French / Electronic Pop / Lounge Feel / Sip On A Drink After A Long Day

Christine and the Queens - Christine (Paradis Remix)

Recipe of the Week

Happy Halloween - Tis A Giant Chocolate Candy Bar!

Enjoy dat sugah!

Click the link to see the recipe 
 Pics of the Week
The photos are links so if you want more info click away
Aston Martin debuted this beautiful Powerboat last month in Monaco.
Yumbulagang - A monastery in Tibet.
Mercedes-Benz is planning on selling luxury pickup trucks.
This house in Muriwai, New Zealand has a spectacular view.

A Little About My Week

On Monday I went to my first ever Virtual Reality Meetup. 
I sat in on two talks about VR and then got a chance to demo some VR games. 
Here are the highlights from what I learned:
  1. Social VR is predicted to be a pivotal part of VR in the future.
  2. Facebook is betting big on Social VR.
  3. Headsets will get smaller and weigh less.
  4. Virtual Reality is being paired with Omnidirectional Treadmills. Thus the innovations in Virtual Reality will bring innovations in the Treadmill industry.
  5. Something like adding a fake nose in a VR simulation can help with the common nauseous feeling people get while playing.
If you have any things you want me to try, or places/events you'd like to see me go to, email me with your ideas. 

Thought of the Week

"We have come to medicalize aging, frailty, and death, treating them as if they were just one more clinical problem to overcome.

However it is not only medicine that is needed in one’s declining years but life – a life with meaning, a life as rich and full as possible under the circumstances."

- Oliver Sacks


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Be Happy and Keep Learning!
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