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Bill Gates Is Working On Toilets For The Developing World

The big idea?

Improve the smell of toilets.

By doing so, it would get people away from emptying their waste in unsanitary ways. It will also allow people to have a more pleasant experience. 

Gates is working with a perfume company to achieve this

The technology can be compared to noise cancelling headphones, except in this case, the ingredient in the fragrance will block the receptors in our brains from perceiving the bad smell.

Summon These Drones To Light Your Way

With this prototype service you can call a fleet of drones to light up dark places to help you navigate around. 

This is offered by a UK insurance company that believes "that the notion of insurance will move from restitution—i.e. fixing things that are broken—to prevention, and actually [stopping] bad things [from] happening in the first place."

Deal of the Week

Get $25 Off When You Spend $150 Or More

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Song of the Week


 Classical / Epic / Hardcore / Little Metal / Motivation

Black Sails Opening Title - Composer Bear McCreary 

My friend who is a beast at working out and who has a rugby player physique got me into listening to epic classical music during workouts.

Recipe of the Week

Turkey Meatballs With Cranberry Sauce

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Click the link to see the recipe 

Health and Science

This Skin Patch Could Treat Peanut Allergies

The idea is that it would deliver "tiny amounts of peanut protein through the skin".

This is not yet out to the public as it is still in test phase, but so far the tests have been promising.

Click the link for more info. 
 Pics of the Week
The photos are links so if you want more info click away
Driving in Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park, Italy.
Chillin in Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington State.
Winter Cabin With An Epic View. Mount Kanin, Slovenia.
Table Styling. 

Thought of the Week

- Bethany Hamilton 
A pro surfer who survived a vicious shark attack that left her with one arm. 


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