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"The Beginning Of The End Of Live Football On TV"

 According to Senior Investment Banker Porter Bibb, who specializes in analyzing Media, Entertainment, and Tech ventures, The NFL has a bleak future ahead. 

In short, people are finding other things to watch, like drone racing, and finding other ways to watch instead of on traditional TV. 

My favorite example of this is that people are now starting to live stream drone racing on Snapchat.

You can skip reading the article in the link and simply watch the 5 minute video for more info. 

A Chinese Theme Park Has Been Built In The Egyptian Desert

Wait what???

Introducing TEDA Fun Valley. 

As part of the Suez Economic and Trade Cooperation, the Chinese state owned company TEDA has been focusing on industrial projects in the Northwest Economic Zone of Egypt.

To give the families of Egyptian employees working in this area another thing to do, TEDA has built a theme park.

Hence, this may be the only place in the world where a dinosaur park is located right next to petrochemical plants.

Here Are The Top Celebrity Investors

People who appear in the list include Leonardo DiCaprio, Tyra Banks, Kobe Bryant, Joe Montana, Justin Timberlake, and more.

Click the link to find out who is number 1.
I bet you'd never guess. 

Make sure you scroll to the bottom once you click on the link. That's how you will find the infographic.

Deal of the Week

Song of the Week

Pump You Up

 Retro / 80's Feel / Synthwave / Great Singing

Neon Nox - Checkpoint Feat. Rebecka Stragefors

Recipe of the Week

Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake

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 Pics of the Week
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Skeleton of color. This Instagram account is filled with very unique and colorful pictures.
Fall in Trentino, Italy.
Would you stay in this hotel in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico's wine region? 
MVMT watch promoted in the beautiful Boardman Tree Farm, Oregon.

Thought of the Week

"Only get married when you find someone who sees your worth."

- Anonymous 


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