Ruk Digest 10/11

Ruk Digest

1.  It's about time Facebook added this new feature!


2.  The Power of Power Posing

Start Power Posing before big meetings, presentations, and interviews, and notice the increase in confidence and decrease in anxiety!

3.  How many calories you burn playing 14 different sports

Data from Harvard Health

Upcoming Event

Party at The American Art Museum!

With an open bar at this event, how cool is it to say that you got drunk while touring museum exhibits!

October 23rd @ 8pm

Book of the Week


How can you say no to a photo book of such cute doggies???

Song of the Week

The Harmonica in this is great!

I heard this song for the first time on Wednesday when I randomly went to happy hour to a random bar called Compass Rose near U Street. As soon as I heard this song unfold, I immediately interrupted my conversation to point out how cool this song was.

Instagram Pictures of the Week

Cute Dog Lounging

Epic Surfing Pic

Magical Place in Greece

Thought of the Week

"Make the most of inexperience. A beginner has a fresh perspective. They don't know how things 'should' be done, and haven't yet become entrenched in a particular method.

It's important to avoid becoming an expert, specialist, or authority. An expert constantly refers to past experience. Whatever has worked in the past, they repeat. They turn knowledge in a repetitive ritual. Their expertise becomes a straitjacket. Furthermore, experts claim to have many years of experience. What they actually have is one year's experience repeated many times."

Excerpt from The Art of Creative Thinking book



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Be Happy and Keep Learning
Igor B.M.


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