Ruk Digest 11/1

Ruk Digest

1. Feeling Stressed Out Lately? Try This Relaxation App

Only available on iOS so far, but nonetheless, the idea is really interesting. 

2. Hate Your Alarm Clock? Want A Better And More Natural Way To Wake-Up?

Check out Phillips Wake-Up Lights. Designed to to simulate waking up to a sunrise! birthday is coming up...I totally wouldn't mind if someone bought the high end one as an awesome present for me =).

3.  An Interesting Idea To Trick Your Brain Into Thinking You Are Drinking A Sugary Drink

"Could be a genius way to beat your soda addiction."

Upcoming Event

Opening Gala @ The Renwick Gallery

After a 2 year renovation stint, the Renwick Gallery finally opens back up to the public. 

Enjoy art, food, drink, dancing, and surprise entertainment! 

Who will go with me?? Email me if you're interested!

November 11th @ 7:30pm

Book of the Week

The Promise of A Pencil: How An Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change

The story of a former Management Consultant at Bain quitting his lucrative job to lead a more fulfilling life building schools around the world. 

Song of the Week

A Truly Amazing Pump-Up EDM Song.

This will make you want to go right now!

Warning. Video contains sexual content. 

Instagram Pics of the Week

Happy Halloween!!! From BMW!

Fantastic Photo of A Seal In Underwater! Great Colors In This Pic!

Face of A Coal Miner - Should Leave You Thinking

Thought of the Week

"Surround Yourself With Those Who Make You Better"

Mantra 26 from The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change.

This statement is so important to me that I made it into a daily reminder by writing it down on a post-it note and putting it up on my bathroom mirror to read every day as part of my morning routine.


Thank you for reading!

Be Happy and Keep Learning!

Igor B.M.


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