Ruk Digest 11/29

Ruk Digest

1. Why You Should Embrace Intelligent Disobedience

The aviation industry for example, applies Intelligent Disobedience to decrease the number of fatal crashes. 

"A dog is a man's best friend, and I think of Intelligent Disobedience as a CEO's best friend." 

2. Highbrow: Free 5 Minute Knowledge Courses Emailed Every Day for 10 Days

I am currently taking: 
Ideas that changed the world

Other courses include: 
History's greatest entrepreneurs
Strangest things in space 
Most powerful empires in history

So sign up today. It's worth it.

3.  Curiosity App: Delivers 5 Interesting Topics Daily To Spur Learning

Through Curiosity, I have learned things like: 

The Swastika used to be a positive symbol of luck and prosperity before Hitler adopted it. 

So far, only about 5% of the ocean has been explored!

Upcoming Event


My birthday is next Sunday, December, 6th.

I want presents!

Shower me with birthday presents!

Book of the Week

Mindless Eating

"We overeat because there are signals and cues around us that tell us to eat....For instance, if there's nothing remaining on the table, that's a cue that it's time to stop.

For many of us, as long as there are still a few milk - soaked Froot Loops left in the bottom of the cereal bowl, there is still work to be done.

It doesn't matter if we're full....We eat as if it is our mission to finish them."

Song of the Week

Really Good Vocal Chill Song

Kygo Featuring Will Heard: Nothing Left

Instagram Pics of the Week

'Coral Chaos': Amazing Color In This Pic

I Wish This Was A Poster - Great Dirt Bike Pic

Unreal Camping Spot

Thought of the Week

Make one audacious request per week. 
Put yourself out there. You'll be blown away by what happens.

- Benjamin Hardy


Thank you for reading!

Be Happy and Keep Learning!

Igor B.M.


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