Ruk Digest 12/13

Ruk Digest

1.  Before I Die I want to...

This is a really cool TED Talk on "how powerful our public spaces can be if we're given the opportunity to have a voice and share with one another."

Also, take some time to think about your answer.
I did, and it inspires me to do more. 

"Thinking about death clarifies your life."

2.  Different Approach On How To Measure Success

Legendary Jiu - Jitsu practitioner Renzo Gracie explains his mentality on success.

"I've seen people and I look at them and the most valuable thing they think they have is money.
To me, I see as the least valuable asset they have. 

Their money is trash because they have nothing inside."

3.  Incredible Innovation To Control Severe Bleeding

"30 - 40% of civilian deaths from traumatic injury are caused by blood loss."

This syringe is going to be a huge game changer in the healthcare world.

Upcoming Event

DC Tech Breakfast

Where Startup Founders showcase their work. Also a good networking opportunity. 

Join me December 16th @ 8am.

Yes, 8 in the morning. 
So wake up early and come out to this.
It's worth it.

Book of the Week


I discovered this book when I was having a tough day so I went to The National Building Museum to clear my mind.

Found this book in the gift shop.
And I bought it.

Basically it showcases structures throughout the world that use lighting to enliven an area.

Song of the Week

Chill Remix of An Avici Song

Random Fun

Riding Rooftops In Gran Canaria


Unbelievable talent. 
Insane stunts.
Great video.

Instagram Pics of the Week

Amazing Skiing GoPro Pic

Very Nice Microsoft Office In Denmark

Pretty Cool Running Pic

Thought of the Week


Thank you for reading!

Be Happy and Keep Learning!

Igor B.M.


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