Ruk Digest 12/20

Ruk Digest

1. Japan's Toilet Fascination

There is a Toilet God
There are Toilet Rituals
There is a $60 million dollar Toilet Museum
There are apps that help you find the nearest bathrooms (the rest of the world needs to adopt this)
There are special Toilets for Sumo Wrestling Stadiums

Ok, I really can't help it, I'm gonna bad pun this now:

The Toilet God, serving people in shitty situations, one toilet at a time.

2. Skillshare: Learn New Skills In Video Tutorials

I'm loving it so far. 
A few classes that piqued my interest:
Food Photography
T-shirt Design
Long Exposure Photography

Upcoming Event


I did this last year. 
The DC Zoo transforms into an LED Winter Light Wonderland

Open everyday from 5 to 9pm till January 2nd. 
And its free!

Book of the Week

Delivering Happiness

The story of Zappos by the Founder, Tony Hsieh.
One of the first business book I ever read.

Song of the Week

Crystal Method - Storm The Castle

Great news
And great things happening

This song sums up what's been going on in my head
In my body

The last 48 hours

My blood is coursing through my veins to an almost nauseating effect

Put your headphones on
Blast this song
Make your ears ring from the pulsating sound of the massive beat
Feel the uncontrollable energy


Random Travel Spot

I let the picture do the talking

Instagram Pics of the Week

I Wish I Had This As An Audi Poster

Amazing Nighttime Photo Of Union Station, DC

Artsy Porsche Pic

Thought of the Week

Make a few radical changes to your life each year

Reinvent yourself every year.
Novelty is an antidote to monotony. 
Jump into new pursuits and relationships.
Try things you've never done before.

- Benjamin Hardy

Thank you for reading!

Be Happy and Keep Learning!

Igor B.M.


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