Ruk Digest 1/3

Ruk Digest

1. The Best Sunsets and Sunrises Can Now Be Predicted

Check out the graphs in this links. The warmer the colors, the better the sunset/sunrise is expected to be.

Here is a slightly dated report on this.

So for all you Photographers out there and for all you Sun Lovers, this should be pretty useful.

2. Fitbit Was The #1 Downloaded Apple Free App On Christmas

What does this mean?
There was a ton of Fitbits purchased as Christmas presents.
Because of that, there was a huge increase in registrations for the Fitbit app.

Fitbit is also currently the market leader in the wearables industry with a 22 percent share of the market.

Fitbit is crushing it in Revenue (look at their quarterly and annual financials in Google Finance)

I'm no Financial Adviser, but I highly recommend investing into Fitbit stock now at a price around $30.
I am going to be investing into it tomorrow.

If you want advice on how I think is best to invest into it just reply back to me.

3. Vice Documentary On The Iceman

Wim Hof teaches people how to withstand extreme cold conditions and even goes so far as taking his students climbing up a freezing cold mountain in just their shorts (and shirts for women)

This is not some crazy documentary. This is actually possible. I know two people that actually did this successfully with no harmful impact on their bodies.

Upcoming Event

Scotch Appreciation Class

Learn about the history of Scotch. 
Learn how to properly drink it, which means you will be drinking here =).

January 9th @ 2:30pm.
This will be at Petworth Citizen & Reading Room (what seems to be a pretty cool bar in DC).
Tickets - $53.74. Pricey, but I think should be worth it.

Book of the Week

Stumbling on Happiness

Should be an interesting psychology book on happiness and decision making. 

Song of the Week

Wardruna - Helvegen

I fell in love with this song after watching the Boxing Highlights in this link.
I'm going to use Helvegen as pre-workout music.

Instagram Pics of the Week

Epic New Years Celebration In Sydney

Great Way To Celebrate News Years In Rio de Janeiro

Amazing Lineup of Jaguar Cars

Thought of the Week

I want to have over 5,000 subscribers for The Ruk by this May. 

It's an incredibly ambitious goal, I know. 
Like almost impossible goal, I know. 

If you know anyone that would be interested in subscribing, please reply to this with their email information. Thank you!

I am also making this public knowledge as a way to push myself harder.
The more people know, the more embarrassing it will be if I fail. 

Thank you for reading!

Be Happy and Keep Learning!

Igor B.M.


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