Ruk Digest 2/7

Hello Fellow Rukkers!

1. Here's An Interesting Approach To Breaking Bad Habits and Addictions

Key takeaway:

Be less forceful of trying to stop and be more curious about the habit or addiction.

(9:24 minute-long TED Talk)

2. Don't Know Who To Follow on Instagram? Try Hungtram

This app helps you find some really cool accounts to follow on Instagram. 

I downloaded this and very quickly found some new ones.

3. A Highway For Bicycles

This is currently being built in Germany. 

It would be awesome if the States adopted this in major cities. 

DC Upcoming Event

Celebrate Valentines in style. 


Perhaps by going to a Viennese Ball at The Embassy of Austria.

Or by going to a Soiree at The Embassy of France.


It is pricey, but, you know, love is priceless =). 

Book of the Week

Five Days At Memorial

An incredible account of what happened in a New Orleans hospital during and after Hurricane Katrina. 

This book really made me think. 

Song of the Week

Zhu, Skrillex, and THEY. - Working For It

Awesome song and really creative video to go along with it.

Instagram Pics of the Week

I Love This Dancing In The Snow Pic

You Need To Travel Here Someday

A House With An Amazing View

Thought of the Week

"You might feel dumb asking questions, but you look dumber when you don’t get it because you failed to ask."
Found quote in this Life Hacker article.

My Focus List

I think it will be interesting to show a list of things on my mind.
So I am launching this section today. 
Hopefully this will be an interesting experiment to show how I evolve over time.

1. Create a website for The Ruk Digest
2. Work out more to get more tone
3. Buy a shredder
4. Finish reading Creativity, Inc
5. Install a Dashcam in my car
6. Go to the doctor for stupid elbow pain, urghhhh
7. Finish writing article for Medium - more like start writing it again

This isn't everything on my mind, but it certainly covers a lot of my "To Do"

Thank you for reading!

Be Happy and Keep Learning!

Igor B.M.


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