Ruk Digest 7/17

Hello Fellow Rukkers!

1. Save Time While Browsing Online With These 11 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Take CTRL + L for instance, doing that moves your cursor to the URL bar. 

Unless you're the type of person that likes to do things slow, you should take the time to memorize these shortcuts. 

2. Watch This Netflix Documentary On Tony Robbins, The Guy Who Transforms People

I gotta admit, I've been very skeptical of Tony Robbins and his Self - Help books. 

Does he actually lead people to breakthroughs? Does his advice actually help?

And I have to say, this documentary tore apart my skepticism, to the point that I am now fascinated by him and actually want to attend one of his seminars. 

It's 2 hours so find the time to watch it.
It's worth it.

Also I am very curious on your thoughts on Tony Robbins. What do you think of him? Has his material helped you? Do you know anyone that has gone to Date with Destiny?

Reply to this email with your answer. 

3.  Discover And Learn About Different Music Genres Using Music Map

Lets say you click into the genre of Jazz, you can learn about the history of it and then dive even deeper to learn about the different sub genres of Jazz, like Nordic Jazz. 

You can then explore a playlist of Nordic Jazz songs to get a better sense of what it is. 

So try this out and see what you find in your favorite genres. 

DC Upcoming Event

Create Your Own Scavenger Hunt

I am switching things up a bit this week. 

This is not an official event. 

This is a "Lets get creative and explore the city event." 

DC has 218 places with outdoor art and 31 graffiti spots. 

So find some on this map that you are interested in and then go and do a walking tour to find them.

Have fun!

Book of the Week

The Will To Win

Robert Herjavec, The Shark on Shark Tank, shares his story and wisdom on how to be successful. 

Song of the Week

Chillin Summer Fun

A Russian song that is great for listening to in the car, windows down, enjoying life. 

Ivan Dorn - Leave ( Eunique Remix) 

Recipe of the Week


Turkey Taco Lettuce Wrap

The healthier version of Tacos. 

 Pics of the Week
The Beautiful Mount Bromo In Indonesia
A Creative Shot Of A Ballerina

This Is How You Do Food Photography

Thought of the Week


Thank you for reading!

Be Happy and Keep Learning!

Igor B.M.


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