Ruk Digest 7/24

Hello Fellow Rukkers!

1.  This Simple Change In How You Tell Yourself Things Can Have A Huge Impact 

"We know words affect other people, but we forget the words we use within ourselves affects our emotional states as well." 

The key to when you're talking to yourself is to use words that move you forward, not pull you back. 

Follow the link and watch the short 2 minute video on examples of this technique. 

2.  Norway Announced Plans To Build A Floating Underwater Tunnel

Wait what?!

That's right, Norway plans to spend a proposed $25 billion dollars to make this a reality. 

If this gets completed, it would cut cross country travel time from 21 hours to less than 11!

And here is my futuristic take on this, imagine if this was a transparent tunnel, where you could explore the underwater while driving from point A to point B. Now that would be super cool. 

3. This Sensor Detects When A Cow Is In Labor And Notifies Via Text

It is attached to a Cow's tail and measures the tail's movement patterns.

Apparently the swinging of the tail in a specific way shows signs of labor contractions.

Still not a-Mooosed?

Moocall, the company behind this claims that on average, the sensor notifies dairy managers within about an hour before a cow gives birth. 

Holy cow!

DC Upcoming Event

A Special Night At The Newseum In Celebration Of The Olympics

Taste Brazilian food.
Open beer and wine bar.
Listen to an Afro-Brazilian band.  
Late night access to the Newseum galleries. 

Wednesday, August 17th @ 7pm.

Tickets are 40 of your precious dollars. 

Book of the Week

The Business Of Baking


Song of the Week

Jazzy Summer Fun

Walter Ricci ft. Papik - My Sharona

Recipe of the Week


Watermelon Jicama Salad

This seems like it would be a super refreshing Summer Salad. 

 Pics of the Week

This Is One Epic Cake!!!

A Creation of Ron Ben-Israel and his team. 

Btw, New York times called him the "Manolo Blahnik of wedding cakes."



Thought of the Week

Start every meeting by saying, “This meeting will be a success if…”

-Stanford Business 

Thank you for reading!

Be Happy and Keep Learning!

Igor B.M.

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