Ruk Digest 8/7

Hello Fellow Rukkers!

1. Restaurants Use Pyschological Tricks To Get You To Spend More Money


Many restaurants don't use dollar signs
Because it reminds a person that they are spending money. 

Many restaurants will also use expensive items to trick you into buying something less expensive, but still on the pricey side

"The main role of that $115 platter — the only three-digit thing on the menu — is to make everything else near it look like a relative bargain."

There are menu Engineers and Consultants that help design menus in a way so as to get you to spend more

For more on this, click the link. 

2.  Check Out Some Of The Coolest Office Spaces From Around The World

Notable highlights: offices with slides, a billiard table in the shape of a Mustang, rock climbing wall, and so much more. 

It's nothing really new, but it's always fun to look through this kinda stuff. 

3.  Want To Make You're Workout Way More Intense? Use This Training Mask

It's designed to simulate altitude training by making it harder for you to breathe. It has several levels of intensity for breathing resistance. 

The product description on Amazon says that it can "take your work out from 60 minutes to 20 minutes."

A Verified Purchaser on Amazon said that "after three weeks use I posted my fastest 3-mile run time that I can really remember (21:30). The year prior was 26:30."

WARNING: This will make your workout routine brutal. Be smart about using the mask. 

DC Upcoming Event

Create Your Own Soothing Tea Blend With This Workshop

Learn facts about herbs and spices and create your own tea. 

At the very least, visit Calabash Teahouse & Cafe (where this is being held). The place has such a cool and unique atmosphere to it.  

Thursday, August 11th @ 6pm.

Who wants to go with me???

(Photo courtesy of DC Dining Guide)

Song of the Week

Summer Chill Night

For one of those nights where you just want to relax, lounge around, and just enjoy the moment. 
Jazz Connection - Smokey Eyes

Recipe of the Week

 Pics of the Week
1. You would never guess this, but this is a heating plant!
    Designed by Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser.
2. The beautiful Wat Rong Khun, aka The White Temple - Thailand.
3. The soon to be, world's largest hotel - 10,000 rooms!
4. This is a real winery in Spain designed by Frank Gehry. 

Thought of the Week

"Today, Americans average about 4.4 years in a job, a dramatic departure from yesteryear’s 25 to 30.

For younger generations, that job duration tightens to a mere 2.5 years.

The idea of climbing the corporate ladder has been pushed aside by the concept of career pivot.

- Stanford Business School


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Igor B.M.