Ruk Digest 1/1

Happy New Years Fellow Rukkers!!!

I went to sleep at nearly 9 am today and woke up shortly after noon. I've definitely struggled very hard to finish the digest today. 
Two Stanford professors borrowed "the same process designers use to develop new products and gadgets and applied it to finding greater fulfillment in our lives."

I Love How Many Inventions Were Made By Mistake: Here Is The Story Of Silly String

Originally, Leonard A. Fish, and Robert P. Cox set out to make an "aerosol can that could spray an instant cast on a broken leg, or arm."

Click the link to watch a 1.5 minute long video detailing the story. 

Deal of the Week

Song of the Week

Addal Ft. Lisa May - Morning In Love

Chill / Deep House / Beautiful Vocals 

I'm listening to something mellow right now as I'm relaxing from the New Years festivities. 

Let this song remind you to be with someone that makes you come alive. 

Health and Science

New Technology Harnesses Movement Of A Person's Finger On A Touch Screen To Generate Electricity

Researchers from Penn State University hope that this idea could one day provide as much as 40% of the energy needed to power smartphones and tablets. 
 Pics of the Week
New Year celebrations across the world: Times Square, London, Sydney, and Hong Kong. 

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Thought of the Week

I found this post on LinkedIn. 
Let this remind you how different the world will be 10 years from today.
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