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I Wrote A Reflection On Happiness For BuzzFeed, Titled: Several Hours Before My 27th Birthday

I question what is the right way to measure your life. 

Is happiness really the right way?

I think the answer may be no, and propose another solution.

The History Of Air Force One Planes With Pictures

In 1933 the government got the first plane for presidential travel, however, it was only until 1959 that the planes became known as Air Force One.

The Air Force One's design was made by legendary designer Raymond Loewy.

The flying Oval Office nowadays features "4,000 square feet of interior space incorporating presidential living quarters, work areas, meeting rooms, and 2 galleys capable of serving 100 people at a time."

And there are actually two planes, not just one. 

Deal of the Week

List Of Discounts For People Over The Age of 50

The list includes deals from Banana Republic, IHOP, Kohls, and 16 more. 

For the many readers that are clearly not even close to 50, you can share this with your parents =). 

Song of the Week


 Relaxing / Folk / International  

Banda Neira - Senja Di Jakarta

Recipe of the Week

Sumo Stew

"Sumo Stew is a robust soup brimming with mixed vegetables and tons of protein in a rich dashi broth."

It is eaten by Japanese Sumo wrestlers as part of a weight gain diet. 

Click the link to see the recipe 

Health and Science

New Study Reveals Faults In Flight Research

Conducted at Stanford University, a graduate student made 3D-printed goggles for a bird to fly through laser light in order to study the bird's flight physics.

"Using a high-speed camera, scientists captured the swirling vortices produced by a slowly flying bird. Surprisingly, they found that the vortices rapidly dissipated. The unexpected effect suggests that scientists need to rethink methods for calculating the lift produced under such conditions"

Click the link to get more details. 

Also here is a less scientific and easier to read article that includes a nice video describing the research. 
 Pics of the Week
The photos are links so if you want more info click away
"The world’s first year-round ice hotel."
This bar in Toronto Canada has a great Mahogany interior. 
Take in the scenery in comfort with this Bubble Sled. 
Another epic view from a hotel pool in Italy.

Thought of the Week

"Seventy-five percent of internet use in 2017 will be mobile."

Forecast by Zenith, a media buying agency.


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