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Perhaps Succeeding Early In Your Career Is Not Best

Actress Sarah Paulson said that "If my career had turned out like the fantasy I had of what it was going to be, it would never have made me happy. But I couldn't have known that until it didn't happen. I found a success that is so much bigger and deeper and better, and it's because it happened later. If any of what I'm having happen now—the successes—would have happened to me when I was younger, I would have been ruined. Because when you're young, and things come super easily to you, and you have success right out of the gate, you're liable to think that's how it actually works. You start to think you don't need to be fully prepared or committed."

Deal of the Week

50% Off Your Next 5 Uber Rides when you pay using Android Pay!!

Basically you just need to get Android Pay, load it onto your Uber account and pay for your rides using Android Pay. 

Song of the Week


 Relaxing / Spiritual / Soulful 

On Saturday I went walking around exploring the Shaw neighborhood of DC. I finally ended up at Calabash Tea & Tonic, a place I have been trying to go to for several months now. 

While drinking a heavenly Vanilla Creme & Coconut Infused Black Tea, I heard this song come on in the cafe. 

I was put in a state of zen. 

Listen to this song, maybe drink some hot tea, and try to relax. 

Natureboyrd - The Ways of Nature

Recipe of the Week

Butternut Squash Soup

Now that it is getting cold, I am going to start putting in yummy soups. 

Click the link to see the recipe 

Health and Science

Virtual Reality Is Being Used To Help People Cope With Fears, Anxiety, And PTSD

Exposure Therapy has been around since the 1950's. As per the name, the idea is to expose the patient to his or her fears in a safe environment. 

Virtual Reality is taking this to a whole nother level. 

Click the link for more details. 
 Pics of the Week
The photos are links so if you want more info click away
Presenting math in a whole new light, Zaha Hadid Architects created The Winton Gallery, which showcases how math has played a pivotal role in our lives. 
Carrying your baby while cross country skiing - now that is hardcore.

The Pulk is a "Nordic word for a pod-like sled used to transport children or goods."
Moscow Lights. 
Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku Azerbaijan. 

Thought of the Week

"Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live."

- Anne Sweeney, former President of Disney Channel


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