Ruk Digest 12/25

Happy Holidays Fellow Rukkers!!!

I'm going to start on a difficult note, but it all comes together to make a point as you celebrate the holidays. 
And for those over the age of 60, that number jumps to nearly 50%. 

Several companies are working to reduce this problem through virtual reality experiences. 

Click the link to see how VR can help. 

But more importantly, I shared this to get you to think about how big of a problem loneliness is. 

These holidays, I hope you all take the time to be with the people that are close to you. 

These holidays, let's be more social with our loved ones. 
Let's begin to bring the loneliness rate down. 

Watch This 12 Minute TED Talk To Learn How To Have Better Time Management

One of my favorite thoughts from this talk by Laura Vanderkam is that:
"I don't have time, often means it's not a priority."
"It's not a matter of lacking time, it's that you don't wanna do it."

Here is one technique from this talk that can help you prioritize your time:
Pretend to write the family holiday letter for next year. 
For 2017. 

What 3-5 things would make next year personally great for you?


Click the link to watch the video for more in-depth thoughts on time management. 

Deal of the Week

Join Ebates. Spend $25 Or More And Get A $10 Walmart Gift Card

For those that don't know, Ebates is a cashback website. You spend money with big name companies and get varying levels of cashback depending on the offer. 

Song of the Week

Emancipator - Land and Sea

Trip Hop / Chillout / Beautiful Vocals 

Let this song remind you that: 

Everything will be in it's right place.

Enjoy the holidays!

Health and Science

The History Of Traffic Signals And What Lies Ahead

To address the problem of horse-drawn carriages and pedestrians crowding the streets of London, John Peake Knight suggested taking the railroad method for controlling traffic. 

The first traffic signal was thus installed on December 9th, 1868. 

Click the link to get more details on the history. 

As for what lies ahead...

Imagine a world where traffic signals are nonexistent. 

A future where autonomous cars are in communication with each other and engage in "slot-based" intersections, "in which cars, instead of stopping, automatically adjust their speed to pass through the intersection while maintaining safe distances for other vehicles."

And as I think about the "slot based" idea from MIT, I predict that traffic lights may become nonexistent within the next couple of decades. 
 Pics of the Week
Last weekend I went to a holiday bazzar.  I came across Buzz Bear Studio, a creative baby outfits company based in Mclean, Virginia. 

I loved the outfits so much, that this week's theme is cute baby outfits. 

The top two pictures are from Buzz Bear Studio. The bottom left is from Noah's Boytiques, and the bottom right is from Au Lait Baby Boutique. 

The photos are links so if you want more info click away
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Thought of the Week

"If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough."

- Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, first female head of state on the continent of Africa and current President of Liberia.

I've had this quote up on my bathroom mirror for many months. 
I would read it every day to inspire myself. 
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Be Happy and Keep Learning!
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