Ruk Digest 12/4


Hello Fellow Rukkers!

Here Is A Challenge For You:
Be A Creator For 30 Days

Spice up your life a bit. 

Try something new. 

Get that creative side of yours working. 

Click the link to see why this will be a beneficial project to try. 

The Evolution of F1 Steering Wheels Video

This is a super cool montage of how complicated F1 steering wheels have gotten throughout the years.

Nowadays, the wheels look more like gaming controllers than actual steering wheels. 

Deal of the Week

Song of the Week

Hit You Deep In The Feels

 Dance / Chill / Electronic / Old School

Dirty Vegas - Lost Not Found

Recipe of the Week

Baked Brown Rice Kibbeh

Rice balls stuffed with ground beef, inspired by a traditional Middle Eastern dish.

Click the link to see the recipe 

Health and Science

Glowing Tumors Could Help Improve Cancer Surgery

The idea has been out for several years, but it is still a long way away from becoming the norm. 

Basically, it is super hard to identify and remove tumors in a person's body without accidentally removing healthy tissue around the area. 

But with Fluorescence Detection, dye molecules are sent through an IV which makes the cancer cells glow to help guide surgeons to tumor sites. 

Click the link for more detailed info. 
 Pics of the Week
The photos are links so if you want more info click away
Would you live in a house on the edge of a cliff??
This is a Lamborghini speaker! Though not so nice, the price. 21,000 Euros. 
Fantastic long exposure tunnel shot.
Incredible view from an infinity pool at Hotel Villa Honegg, Switzerland.

Click to watch an amazing video of swimming in the pool.

Thought of the Week

"You can't have happiness without having had unhappiness, because how else would you know what's happy?"

- Larry King
A few weeks ago I bought a fantastic book called What I've Learned by Esquire. The book is a series of interviews of famous people and a collection of wisdom and insight from them. 

I got this quote from that book. 


Thank you for reading!
Be Happy and Keep Learning!
Igor B.M.

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